Giving the Gift of Sight So Others Can See

We pride ourselves on the sincere and compassionate handling of the donation process, to make sure that all families are given the opportunity to pursue this course. We know that the legacy of donation can bring comfort and healing to a family in grief, so we do everything we can to facilitate donation when it is possible. The memory of a lost one should always be cherished. We know the importance of giving the gift of sight. That’s why we honor donors in a number of ways.

The Remembering Heart

When a loved one has passed on and he or she is a donor, a Lions VisionGift technician will place a small ceramic heart around his or her wrist to indicate this person has given a priceless, heartfelt gift. Within a day, a letter goes out to the next-of-kin with another ceramic heart. This heart is a little bigger than the other and once held within it the smaller heart that was placed on the donor’s wrist at the time of the eye recovery.

Threads of Life Quilt

Another special way we honor loved ones is by creating Threads of Life quilts. Each donor family is encouraged to create a square in honor of their loved ones. These squares can be embroidered with the things the donors enjoyed doing, have small mementos attached, or even have pictures. The purpose is to honor the lives that each donor lived.

Letter Writing

Writing a letter to your donor family can aid in the healing of their great loss. Sharing your story can also help you discover what it is that is so meaningful to you with your renewed life. Read what others have said and consider writing a letter yourself.

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Letters of Loss and Hope

“My name is Lynda and I received the most wonderful and precious gift from your loved one, the gift of sight. My heart aches for your loss. I think of your loved one everyday, and I renew my vow to live up to this gift. I have made a vow to you, my donor, that I was pay this gift forward.”

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